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12-13 November 2008,
Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden
- conference

How Soon Is Now?

Organiser: Intercult

This is the third NFI conference during 2008. After a broad mapping in Copenhagen, and a more focused meeting in Drammen it is now time to sum up conclusions and present recommendations for a continued development of Nordic interculture. The programme includes panel debates, discussions and break-out sessions, so that participants can have a good understanding of NFI's roll from an international perspective. However, this is not an exclusively cultural affair. The conference will also address issues such as democracy, human rights, multilingualism, media and education.

5-7 July 2007,
Wroclaw, Poland

The New Agora

Organiser: Borderland Foundation, Sejny, Poland; International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education and University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw, Poland

New Agora is an international project launched in 2006 by the Borderland Foundation, an institution based right at the borders between Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia whose goal is to promote and strengthen intercultural dialogue. The project consists of a series of debates organized each year in a different city in the world. The event brings together an international group of influential scholars, NGO activists, local community leaders, cultural animators, and students for several days of intensive conversations.

8-12 October 2009,
Island of Rhodes, Greece
- debate

Dialogue of Civilizations

Organiser: World Public Forum

Discussions are centered at the present global situation that demands to spell out conceptually sound foundation and requires special efforts in order to preserve the “structural integrity” of the global community.

25 - 28 January 2009,
Strasbourg, France
- meeting

Euro-med Youth Policies on Intercultural Dialogue

European Commission - Council of Europe's Partnership in the field of Youth
Organiser: European Commission, Council of Europe and Anna Lindh Foundation

Preparation Seminar for the Anna Lindh Forum 2010. The seminar gathered youth leaders, youth workers, young journalists, artists and bloggers from the 43 countries of the Euro Med Partnership to discuss four major themes related to intercultural dialogue policies: mobility, integration and coexistence, non-formal education and new technologies. This seminar took place in the three-year cooperation between the ALF and European Commission and Council of Europe to encourage youth to engage in intercultural dialogue.

14-16 November 2008,
- conference

Challenge for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

Organiser: Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe

This European conference aims at providing a forum for practitioners in formal and non-formal education, academia and activists, political scientists, educators in HRE/EDC, and policy makers from various levels. It aims to contribute to the development of coherent European framework policies in HRE/EDC in order to improve the access to information and sufficient resources for relevant NGOs. The conference offers not only networking opportunities, but focuses on hands-on training and an exchange of best practices.

11-13 May 2008,
Qawra, Malta
- conference

Intercultural Dialogue Through Education

Organiser: Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education

3rd Conference of Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education.

16-17 March 2009,
Ljubljana, Slovenia
- conference

Intercultural Dialogue in the Western Balkans

Organiser: Centre for European Perspective

Meeting of the Task force on Intercultural Dialogue set up by the Centre for European Perspective.

The main aim of the meeting was to formulate concrete suggestions and strategies for future activities in this field in the Western Balkans with the emphasis on education and media. 

16-18 October 2008,
Lyon, France

New training programs in a context of major challenges

16th ENCATC Annual Conference and General Assembly
Organiser: European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers (ENTCATC)

This outstanding event on cultural management education, taking place during the French EU Council Presidency, focuses on the International UNESCO Convention for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Diversity. This document has highlighted the major international and local challenges ahead in the field of cultural development and prevention of conflicts.

2-3 June 2009,
Moscow, Russia
- conference

Universities as Actors of Intercultural Dialogue in Wider Socie

Organiser: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) and the Council of Europe

The topic of the conference was how universities can promote intercultural dialogue outside their own institutions. Intercultural dialogue was examined from different angles: presentation of the Council of Europe's White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue; the role of intercultural dialogue in the internationalisation of higher education examined by a non-European and a European speaker. Staff and students from universities were invited to give their opinion on intercultural dialogue.

5-11 April 2009,
Nicosia, Cyprus
- conference

Intercultural Dialogue and History Teaching

Organiser: European Association of History Educators (EUROCLIO) and Cypriot History Educators' Organisations

EUROCLIO 16th Annual Conference Professional Training and Development Conference.

It allowed more than 120 participants from 35 different countries within Europe and beyond to engage into a fruitful debate over intercultural dialogue and history teaching and learning. The Cypriot example as well as similar experiences in other countries were displayed through well-attended and interactive workshops and presentations.

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