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Three-year project focusing on debates, conflicts and regulations concerning head- and body coverings of Muslim women in public institutions. It was concerned with the re-negotiation of liberal democratic values and norms and the re-constructions of collective identities in the European integration process.

Three-year project with a focus on the process of transnationalism due to the increase in transnational mobility of people. This research project conducted in eight countries examined policy documents and interviews with individual migrants, including labour migrants, posted workers, family-based migrants, humanitarian migrants and foreign degree students.

October 2009 - September 2012 - research

SOM: Support and Opposition to Migration

Three-year project with a central aim of observing patterns of potential conflicts over migration when it became politicised, focusing on anti-immigration and anti-racist movements. This project was interested in the role of four types of actors (state, political parties, movements and media) in politicising of depoliticising migrations in seven receiving countries (Austria, Belgium, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland).

This project is concerned with African migration to Europe and the lack of understanding of the causes and consequences of this migration.

Five-year project with the intention of trying to answer questions such as management of demand- and supply-driven migration, integration of the resident immigrants and the adaptation of institutional arrangements to preserve social cohesion.

GEITONIES (meaning ‘Neighbourhoods’ in Greek) was concerned with the influence of interethnic interactions on creating a more tolerant, cohesive and integrated society. Multiculturalism and integration are two concepts that were examined in this survey study alongside with long-established policies dealing with immigrant populations and diversity management.

This project was interested in the incorporation of Islam in immigrant countries with regard to traditions of national identity, citizenship and church-state relations. It was also focusing on the consequences of the previous aspects on the interaction between Muslim immigrants and their descendants and the receiving society.

February 2006 - January 2009 - research

WAVE - Welfare and Values in Europe

Three-year project which researched the influence of religious, minority and gendered values on social cohesion, social change and shaping of value systems in Europe. Concepts of ‘cultural identities’ and ‘values’ were examined in practice under the light of welfare. This study also focused on social interaction in the domain of basic needs for three reasons: 1.

Three-year project with a view to examine meanings of (anti-)racism and tolerance and how they are shaped by civil society organisations and public institutions and policies (European, national, regional and local levels).


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