Susciter le dialogue interculturel en ligne: rôle et limites des tâches

François Mangenot and Katerina Zourou, 2007 - article
in Revue de Linguistique et de Didactique des Langues (Lidil), Vol. 36, pp. 43-67
, Laboratoire de linguistique et didactique des langues étrangères et maternelles,
Grenoble, France

“This paper deals with the role and limits of tasks as a key factor for eliciting and strengthening intercultural dialogue between native and non-native speakers communicating online.
The research questions raised by this issue are the following: in what way do pedagogical tasks support (or fail to support) intercultural communication? What kind of online interactions elicit the development of an intercultural competence? How can these types of interaction be fruitfully implemented within the framework of computer-based foreign language education?

The analysis of some online interactions which took place within a telecollaborative project between native and non-native speakers, namely ‘le français en (première) ligne’, will help to shed some light on this issue.”

(Source: CNRS - Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique, online catalogue)

ISSN: 1146-6480
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