Our Newsbulletin is published four times per year. It contains news on activities of the Platform for Intercultural Europe and outlines participation or feedback possibilities. It also carries news from our membership. 

Here comes fresh first hand news for you to contemplate before your summer break. You will see that the Platform for Intercultural Europe carries out detective work to identify what policies for interculturality are made by the European Union. We then exert our influence in these specialist fields. Often we sift through a lot of sand for very small nuggets of gold. Why can’t we achieve intercultural Europe faster with more passionate support? Are we perhaps not offering an attractive enough ‘narrative’?

Europe is rich in examples which make the path to ‘intercultural society’ look like a long obstacle course:

Nearly 10 000 Tunisian refugees have piled up on the island of Lampedusa since February, and part of the EU response is to assist Italy in “strengthening their border control activities”. See new PICUM bulletin.

Black African artist invited to perform in the UK have been refused visas on flimsy suspicion of wanting to stay on beyond their engagement. See South African playwright Mike van Graan’s blog.

The new German minister of the interior regresses the German Islam Conference by refusing to acknowledge that Islam has become part of Germany and alienates its participants by proposing a ‘security partnership against extremism and terrorism’ between the German state and Muslims in Germany.

The Platform for Intercultural Europe gets requests on such a variety of occasions to ‘take up’ the issue and ‘open discussion’. Our Steering Group does feel and consider the urge for action generated by events which demonstrate xenophobia and discrimination. At the same time, we hold to the conclusion that our work should be focused on other areas than taking specific positions on concrete examples. Slow as EU processes feel, we believe that our work on the intercultural agenda between EU cultural policy and EU integration policy is a solid base for struggle and a necessary part of the strategy. This Newsbulletin provides news from both domains.

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