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Simone Dudt  Forum 2013 general  Lana & Sabine

This event was very much an exercise in deliberative democracy. It tackled proposals, which had come out of PIE’s 2012 member consultation and fed directly into the discussion of PIE’s development plan at its General Assembly one day later. The first proposal was that PIE (predominantly active in the field of cultural policy so far) take up advocacy work in the field of education.

Tour Madou 6 June, general

Interculturalists from PIE’s membership and beyond met to discuss the changing role of cultural institutions. The authoritative and controlling role they have played as pillars of the nation state is giving way to institutions as ‘brokers of relationships’ in societies marked by diversity. Participants enjoyed a keynote on participatory museum practice by Jouetta van der Ploeg from city museum Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. A panel then reflected on the need for large cultural institutions to access the intercultural competence of small associations, on diverse staff recruitment as a prerequisite to serving diverse audiences, and on the necessity that public policy-makers consistently encourage and reward diversity strategies.

Annual Europan Forum 2011

The intercultural transformation of our societies is a complex programme. The Platform for Intercultural Europe promotes it as a network and through EU advocacy. This forum presented different tools for its work and gave space to discussion. Members of the Platform for Intercultural Europe presented their intercultural projects. All participants explored their intercultural competence in a conference game.

2nd European Forum 1

The event centred on presentations of the Platform’s record of Intercultural Practice Exchanges. This laid the basis for discussion on how to improve this activity format and how to maximise the value of intercultural practice sharing.

Chris TorchOur event was framed by two speeches and two responses (by an academic and by a journalist).

Chris Torch from Intercult (Sweden) presenting views from the arts on their role in Intercultural Dialogue:
"Social activists, use the arts! Artists, engage with other threads in order to be in synch with your time! … The arts can stand out by offering intercultural meeting places, creating microcosms with macro-effects, offering non-verbal communication and by linking international collaboration with local intercultural work."
Joanne Evans-Boiten

Joanne Evans-Boiten from the Mamre Project (Netherlands) looking at the arts, theatre in particular, from the perspective of work with asylum seekers:
"There are many organisations that help undocumented people with food, shelter, housing etc, but little is done to help them cope with their situation emotionally. The arts can be therapeutic to them. The arts can also get information across by speaking to people’s hearts rather than their heads. Through the arts people discover their common humanity. They help build teams and society at large."

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