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October 2010,
Novi Sad and Subotica, Serbia
- meeting

Media Encounter

Organiser: Council of Europe

After the first encounters held in Seville (Spain, April 2009), Bari (Italy, December 2010) and Odessa (Ukraine, May 2010), a media encounter was held by the Council of Europe in Novi Sad and Subotica (Serbia) on October 2010 and explored new intercultural approaches for producing information in a multicultural context.

London, United Kingdom
- meeting

Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinners

Organiser: Intercultural Dialogue Institute

Since 2004, the Intercultural Dialogue Institute has organised dinners to contribute to the progress of intercultural-interfaith dialogue and peace. Gathering people from different cultural and religious backgrounds, these dinners wished to achieve cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. Speakers conveyed the message that intercultural-interfaith dialogue is essential for maintaining peace, accepting other cultures and fight intolerance.

24 September 2009 - meeting

Intercultural Dialogue Day

Organiser: EFIL - European Federation for Intercultural Learning

On September 24, 2009, AFS volunteers from all EFIL member organisations in and beyond Europe collaborated to promote the idea of Intercultural Dialogue by organising simultaneous debating events in approximately 400 local communities supported by the European Union’s programme Europe for Citizens.

11 February - 12 March 2009 - meeting

Europe Now-Europe Next

Funded under the European Union 2000 Culture Programme
Organiser: Culturebase.net

Europe today is a meeting place of many cultures. In ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ we take the point of view of the artists and cultural practitioners who are engaged in those meetings, working in collaboration with artists from outside their country. Some are European artists who share their experiences of playing host to artists from other countries, or of visiting those countries to collaborate with artists. Artists from outside Europe also share their perspective on collaborating with European artists and engaging with the places.

4-8 June 2008,
- meeting

Malta Meeting

Organiser: Euro-Mediterranean Youth Platform

Follow-up on a National Youth Federations initiative for the Euro-Med region which was already initiated in Egypt in December 2007. The conference had young participants coming from various countries in the Euro-Med region as well as prominent contributers such as the President Emeritus Profs. Guido De Marco, Ms Marzia Conte from DG EAC, and representatives coming from SALTO Euro-Med, the Euro-Med and the MEDA Youth Parliament. The National Youth Councils of Malta and Italy and the Euro-Med Human Rights Network also provided their contribution as examples of best practice.

25 - 28 January 2009,
Strasbourg, France
- meeting

Euro-med Youth Policies on Intercultural Dialogue

European Commission - Council of Europe's Partnership in the field of Youth
Organiser: European Commission, Council of Europe and Anna Lindh Foundation

Preparation Seminar for the Anna Lindh Forum 2010. The seminar gathered youth leaders, youth workers, young journalists, artists and bloggers from the 43 countries of the Euro Med Partnership to discuss four major themes related to intercultural dialogue policies: mobility, integration and coexistence, non-formal education and new technologies. This seminar took place in the three-year cooperation between the ALF and European Commission and Council of Europe to encourage youth to engage in intercultural dialogue.

15-22 June 2009,
- meeting

Art as a Tool for Intercultural Dialogue

Organiser: SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed

The event focuses on:
-    Creating the space for meeting and dialogue among different European and MEDA cultures and realities;
-    Providing opportunity for youth workers, youth leaders and/or project managers working with art and/or culture issues to meet colleagues from other European or MEDA organizations, share their experience and knowledge;

27-28 July 2009,
- meeting

ALF Euromed Bloggers Training on Intercultural Dialogue

First phase of the Hyperlink Project
Organiser: Anna Lindh Foundation, with the Council of Europe and the European Commission

First phase of the Hyperlink project, this training on intercultural dialogue was provided to 20 Euromed bloggers (named Cyber Ambassadors for Dialogue). Its aim was to build a network of bloggers that would promote the necessity of Restoring Trust and Rebuilding bridges. Values of coexistence and peace and mutual understanding were the main themes discussed during this training. The training was divided between plenary informative presentation, tools and games and working groups for the online campaign.

5th March 2007,
- meeting

Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue

Organiser: European Forum of Arts and Heritage and European Cultural Foundation.

Report of the seminar on 5th March 2007 at the Flemish-Dutch cultural institute DeBuren in Brussels to advance the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue. The programme featured a discussion with invited speakers Xavier Troussard (European Commission) and Andreas Wiesand (ERICarts) on the European and national public policy frameworks for intercultural dialogue and an inspiring excursion into 'the arts and social development' with artist and cultural entrepreneur Michelangelo Pistoletto (Cittadellarte).


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