The Organisation for Poverty Alleviation & Development (OPAD)

Norsborg, Sweden

Domains of activity: youth, anti-discrimination

Formally established as an NGO in Botkyrta Kommun, Sweden, 2009. Predominantly active at the local level.

Mission: To enhance timely, widespread and impartial access to the structures ensuring stable peace and development at all levels, especially where men, women and children are concerned. To empower youth to alleviate their sufferings in all impartiality, without any discrimination of colour, gender, age, nationality´╗┐, ethnicity, handicap/disability, religious beliefs or political opinion.

Membership in other European networks: European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR)

Collaboration with organisations in other European countries: We collaborate with ECCAR in the area of anti-discrimination, we campaign on social issues and have a blog on our website to organise seminars and workshops with an aim to make a difference in countering discrimination. We see Interculturalism as a means to reduce some of the causes of discrimination. We promote equality of all races as a defining principle of humanity itself.

Interest/involvement in European and EU political matters: We would like the European Union to cut down on bureaucracy and engage in developing a space for local partners to play a significant role in solving social and economic problems.

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