The Role of Young Women in Intercultural Dialogue

20-25 April 2009,
Baku, Azerbaijan
- debate

Participants discussed the topic of human rights, legislation on gender equality and young women activeness in European continent, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and the role of young women in civil society initiatives.  Objectives:
-To promote the role of young women in intercultural and inter-religious dialogue
-To stimulate active young women participation in civil society initiatives and enlargement their women network
-To train and educate young women about their civil rights, about women NGOs and networks in Europe
-To activate participation of women in conflict transformation and peace building process especially around the issue of the events in the Caucasus
-To bring the legislation of different countries on gender equality into the mainstream of discussions and exchange of views
-To create a condition for local and international young women to come together, set contacts among them, to exchange of experience and information
-To establish European young women network aimed at working on promotion of their role in civil society initiates and intercultural dialogue.

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