Rainbow Platform on Intercultural Dialogue

4th June 2008,
Brussels, Belgium
- platform meeting

An important milestone and clear expectations for the future

Rainbow Paper 1   Rainbow Paper 2

Around 70 civil society organisation representatives from all over Europe, and from diverse field of work bearing on intercultural dialogue, gathered to consider and augment the results of the online consultation on Rainbow Paper II with its recommendations on Intercultural Dialogue. The day centered on working group sessions with expert facilitators and rapporteurs and resulted in a great collection of suggestions for sharpening the text of Rainbow Paper II to enhance the solid content already there. The rich input from the on-line consultation (25 April – 13 June) and the meeting was put in the hands of a final editor. The final paper is due to undergo a sign-up process before delivering it at the closing event of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

The meeting additionally allowed for a close look at the overall results of the Platform’s work to date and the options for its future. It also established the Platform as a key part of the Structured Dialogue process with the EU institutions - underlined by high European Commission representation at the event and promising news on the possibilities for EU funding of the Platform.

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