Rainbow Paper Retreat

19/21st October 2007,
Biella, Italy
- platform meeting

Biella RP retreat 1   Biella RP retreat 2

The retreat organised by the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue on October 19-21 at Cittadellarte (Biella, Italy) gathered 31 Platform participants and contributors to the Platform’s consultation for a Rainbow Paper on Intercultural Dialogue to discuss the results of the Europe-wide consultation in the summer of 2007. During three days, participants distilled the essential elements of the 130 proposals submitted to the consultation and began to blend them into core principles of Intercultural Dialogue from which the Rainbow Platform’s political recommendations and suggestions might be derived.

The retreat was carried by the key conviction that the value of the Platform lies in focusing on building a political basis for a stronger consultative partnership with public sector representatives, from the local to the European level. Strong positive side effects of the retreat were the broadening and deepening of organisational support for the Platform and an intense time of learning and networking which fuels the drafting process of the Rainbow Paper.

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