Rainbow Paper presentation at EYID 2008 opening conference

7/8th January 2008,
Ljubljana, Slovenia
- conference

Organiser: European Union

Rainbow Paper presentation received positively at the opening conference of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

RP presentation

A 300-strong audience, including a sizeable group of participants of the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue, witnessed the presentation of the Platform’s Rainbow Paper, which represents the outcome of the first year’s networking and exchange between the broad range of civil society organisations with stakes in Intercultural Dialogue. Coordinator Sabine Frank (EFAH) and Steering Group member Michael Privot (ENAR) explained the Platform’s focus on Intercultural Dialogue in situations of local diversity and societal urgency for its 2008 work plan.

This conference was another demonstration that Intercultural Dialogue is taken to mean many different things - from the regulatory framework for the diversity of cultural expression to the need to mediate between clashes of political culture. Ambassador for the Year, Marko Peljhan thus called the term “dangerously abstract and open to political abuse”. Andreas Wiesand, responsible for the European Commission's study on national approaches to Intercultural Dialogue, likewise highlighted the need for a clear concept of Intercultural Dialogue in order to avoid misinterpretations and allow for evaluation when it comes to policy strategies and funding programmes. This is what the Rainbow Platform and the Rainbow Paper II seeks now to achieve in a limited area.

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