Platform presents Rainbow Paper at Nordic Conference on the Politics of Interculture

12/13 November 2008,
Stockholm, Sweden
- conference

Organiser: Swedish Ministry of Culture

Nordic Conference 1   Nordic Conference 2

This conference entitled ‘How soon is now?’ and organized by the Swedish Ministry of Culture achieved a good balance between policy discussion and practice examples. Prospective members of the newly established association Platform for Intercultural Europe met the day before to discuss its 2009 work programme and the transition from an informal initiative to an independent organisation.

During the conference, the Swedish, the Nordic and the European levels were taken into account. Excellent tasters from the Swedish project “Home not Home” under the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue were on offer, as well as recommendations and examples from the work of the Nordic Forum for Interculture, which were pleasantly coherent with the approach of “The Rainbow Paper. Intercultural Dialogue: From Practice to Policy and Back”, which was also presented during the conference. What the Nordic Forum for Interculture has done for a region within Europe and has done with a focus on the arts, the Platform for Intercultural Europe has done for the EU and beyond and has done with a focus on the cross-sectoral cooperations needed to advance intercultural engagement.

During these 2 days, the mostly arts-based and on average very young audience discussed the role of the arts in Intercultural Dialogue, e.g. the question whether intercultural challenges in Europe can be solved by mere celebrations of diversity or about how benchmarking practice affects policy and vice versa.

Platform coordinator’s presentation of the Rainbow Paper - Conference Programme

A personal view of the event by the journalist Oivvio Polite on LabforCulture (including audio samples of interviews with some speakers of the event, presentations from some sessions and the recommendations from the Nordic Forum)

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