PIE - Flash Session - "A Future for Civil Society?" at 4th EU Culture Forum

4th November 2013,
BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium

a future for Civil Society

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As part of the EU Culture Forum on 4-6th November in Brussels, Platform for Intercultural Europe held a 45-minute "Flash Session" under the title “A future for Civil Society?” on Monday 4th Nov, 17h.

Cuts and changes to funding regimes for Civil Society Organisations have been rolled out across Europe in recent years. They are going too far - achievements of the past are being undermined.

As the EU enters a new budget period, the cuts are being applied to EU funding programmes. European organisations and networks that have helped create a European identity and European public space fear for their existence.

We have examined this emergency, gathered patient statements, issued diagnoses and prescribed remedies. See the leaflet handed out. See the full set of patient statements gathered. Watch the video presentation (make sure your audio is on !). Powerpoint presentation Italian translation.

Our “Intensive care ward for civil society” received visitors who expressed their empathy. Visit our Facebook page to take part in the discussion. Comments and shares welcome !

Twitter : @PIEdialogue - #Save#CivilSociety

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Emergency prescriptions

  • Sustained public funding for sustained NGO action
  • Disclosure of reasons for the abolition of operating grants
  • Assessment of the impact on the abolition of operating grants
  • Artistic and democratic freedom instead of control through short-term project grants
  • Efficient multi-annual funding
  • An emergency fund for the 2014 funding gap

Other doctors’ opinions were solicited on the occasion of the EU Culture Forum. Join your voice to theirs !

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