NGO Fair at the European Parliament. Exploring interest in Intercultural Dialogue in the European Parliament - a weak response

6/8th October 2009,
Brussels, Belgium
- fair

Organiser: Civil Society Contact Group

Logo Civil Society Contact GroupDuring the first committee week of the newly elected European Parliament we reached out to Members of the European Parliament by taking part in a three-day NGO Fair (6/8th October), organised by the Civil Society Contact Group. Our “Rainbow Paper: Intercultural Dialogue – from Practice to Policy and Back” was eagerly picked up; our conversations took place with MEPs’ assistants and staff of the Parliament’s secretariats and services, who were browsing through the corridors of the European Parliament. One week before, several MEPs participated in the EU Culture Forum. We targeted them with personalised letters about our cause on the occasion. We then caught some in person at the fair.

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