Meeting of new and potential Platform members in Stockholm, hosted by Intercult

11th November 2008,
Stockholm, Sweden
- platform meeting

Fresh ideas and good spirits for the Platform for Intercultural Europe!

Members' meeting in Stockholm 1   Members' meeting in Stockholm 2

Prospective members of the newly established association Platform for Intercultural Europe met on the 11th November 2008 in Stockholm, on the premises of Intercult, one of the most active participants of the Platform.

Members' meeting in Stockholm 3   Members' meeting in Stockholm 4
People from 14 countries joined enthusiastically into this convivial meeting to discuss the Platform's 2009 work programme (in particular the idea of ‘intercultural capacity-building missions’ and of ‘intercultural education roundtables’) and the transition from an informal initiative to an independent membership organisation. Five new steering group members introduced themselves with good ideas for the Platform and were elected.

Members' meeting in Stockholm 5   Members' meeting in Stockholm 6

The meeting's icing on the cake was the vivid dinner – a delightful networking moment for all participants of the event! The members’ meeting took place in conjunction with the Nordic Conference on Intercultural Dialogue, Stockholm, 12-13 November, organised by the Swedish Ministry of Culture.
Draft work plan 2009

Members' meeting in Stockholm 7   Members' meeting in Stockholm 8

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