Intercultural Dialogue and Project Management: New training programs in a context of major challenges

16-18 October 2008,
Lyon, France

16th ENCATC Annual Conference and General Assembly

Organiser: European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers (ENTCATC)

This outstanding event on cultural management education, taking place during the French EU Council Presidency, focuses on the International UNESCO Convention for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Diversity. This document has highlighted the major international and local challenges ahead in the field of cultural development and prevention of conflicts. The debate on the diversity of cultures versus the choc of civilizations addresses not only public authorities but also artistic and cultural producers: opinions are asserted, professional activities are evolving throughout Europe, and even if they stem from a variety of cultural policies, they are all questioned by these new perspectives.
In the framework of the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue, this meeting aims at occupying a central position on the question of training. This international conference examines the current transformations at work and consider how expertise, skills and know-how should be adapted to fulfill these new requirements; tries to understand the didactic and pedagogical implications these changes will lead to and will exchange on the curricula that should be established and will contribute to the sharing of experiences on training programmes that develop new methodology.

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