Intercultural Approaches to Community-building and Cohesion in European Cities - What can European integration policy learn from cities on how to manage migration and diversity in times of economic slump?

30 November -1 December 2009,
Brussels, Belgium
- conference

Organiser: Eurofound, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Committee of Regions, The Open Society Institute and Newtork of European Foundations

Meeting organised by the CLIP Network (Network of European Cities for Local Integration Policies for Migrants) The meeting had the following objectives: 1) Affirm the importance of intercultural policies for the social cohesion of European societies; 2) Promote the importance of  ‘good practice’ in intercultural policies; 3) Discuss shortcomings, challenges, concerns and opportunities of intercultural policies in European cities; 4) Emphasise the importance of a pluralistic and human-rights based governance approach and 5) De-bunk concerns regarding intercultural relations with Muslims and other faith groups in European cities.

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