EU Council’s Cultural Affairs Committee (CAC) meeting

13/14th April 2011,
Brussels, Belgium
- council

Organiser: European Council

Logo European CouncilThe Platform for Intercultural Europe presented its work although Intercultural Dialogue does not appear on the agenda of this committee these days. Yet the Platform’s presentation generated the question whether CAC members can participate in Platform events. Moreover, our interest in seeing the 2008 Council Conclusions on Intercultural Competences revived found a positive echo.
With reference to the over towering EU 2020 strategy, Platform Secretary General Sabine Frank also put it to the Member State representatives that “Inclusive growth depends on the inclusion of migrants, and the inclusion of migrants also happens via cultural participation. Given that people with a migration background make up 50% or more in many cities, cultural policies suffer a democratic legitimacy deficit as long as they don’t make interculturality the guiding principle of the governance and production of cultural institutions.”

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