Culture and Dialogue - Ethic Dimension

November 14, 2008,
- conference

Closing Event of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue

The conference was opened by representatives of national authorities and representative of the DG Culture and Education. During the plenary session various prominent scientists and experts from Latvia and the USA debated over the topic of general terms of dialogue in Latvia. The plenary session reflected upon various general questions of the issue of intercultural dialogue, such as national identities and national state, ethnic minorities and integration policy. Another issue of concern was phenomenon of multiculturalism and its mythology in the modern political discourse.
The second part of the conference consisted of two workshops, dedicated to the issue of ethnic minorities and life long learning as an instrument of interethnic dialogue. The first workshop consisted of papers of various experts form Latvia and European Parliament, NGOs and state institutions. The papers reflected upon the issues of active participation of ethnic minorities, included critical analysis. The second workshop presented the results of different projects carried out by various Latvian schools and education centres.

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