Art as a Tool for Intercultural Dialogue

15-22 June 2009,
- meeting

Organiser: SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed

The event focuses on:
-    Creating the space for meeting and dialogue among different European and MEDA cultures and realities;
-    Providing opportunity for youth workers, youth leaders and/or project managers working with art and/or culture issues to meet colleagues from other European or MEDA organizations, share their experience and knowledge;
-    Developing a common educational approach, creating a space for obtaining knowledge and skills needed using art as an educational tool to encourage and enrich intercultural dialogue in the projects involving young people from Program and Mediterranean Partner countries;
-    Getting acquainted with the Youth in Action and Euromed Youth programs;
-    Creating partnerships, rising and developing ideas for common projects in the frame of Youth in Action and/or EuroMed Youth programs;
-    Working, creating and reflecting together (it is planned to prepare a common performance to be presented at one of the public cultural events that will take place in the frame of "Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009").
Tags: youth policies, youth leaders and managers, education, Youth in Action Programme, EuroMed Youth Programs

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