6th European Integration Forum - The involvement of countries of origin in the integration process

9/10th November 2011,
Brussels, Belgium
- EIF forum

Organiser: European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee

EIF logo The topic of this EU civil society consultative forum was based on one of three chapters of the European Agenda for Integration of Third-Country Nationals adopted on 20 July 2011. Three subjects were treated in parallel roundtables: Pre-departure measures in support of integration; Integration in the light of circular migration and development; and Relationships between diaspora communities and countries of origin. Platform Steering Group member Tarafa Baghajati was rapporteur for the latter. He responded critically to the emerging focus on migrants as ‘transnational entrepreneurs’ – as ‘assets for growth here and there’. The primary aim of public policy in receiving countries must remain to respect migrants’ rights and include them through education and culture in economic and social life. A lot remains to be done for the inclusion of migrants and the intercultural opening of receiving societies - the engagement of ‘diasporas’ as agents of development policies must not deflect from this challenge. Neither should the plight of undocumented migrants be eclipsed.

The meeting also saw the second elections to the EIF bureau. Peter Verhaeghe from Caritas Europe was confirmed as the representative of the European NGOs in the EIF; Ayse Kosar from the Danish Council for Ethnic Minorities was elected for the national NGO members.

More information on the European Integration Forum and the meeting documents of the 6th meeting.

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