6th Brussels Debate of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation: Diversity spicing up creativity?

15th October 2009,
Brussels, Belgium
- debate

Organiser: European Commission

Panel Brussels debate

The Platform for Intercultural Europe was invited to speak at the 6th event in the series of Brussels debates. The debates aim at drawing the media’s attention to the crucial questions of the issues of the EU’s thematic years. The topic “Diversity spicing up creativity” was approached from many different angles at this event on 15th October. New Commissioner Maroš Šefcovic tried his hand. Experts on intercultural city policies, Phil Woods and Daniel de Torres contributed as well as Bola Olabisi, representing woman innovators. Sabine Frank explored the topic from the angle of the Platform for Intercultural Europe. She said that “creativity does not just need cultural diversity, but interculture” and that “creativity should also be put in the service of cultural diversity and interculture”.

Read the report on the debate - View the video clip of the debate

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