5th European Integration Forum - Integration Through Local Action

23/25th May 2011,
Brussels, Belgium
- EIF forum

Organiser: European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee

EIF logoThe 5th European Integration Forum (EIF) - a gathering of civil society organisation in support of EU integration policy-making - covered the issues of diversity management, political participation, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, and EU support at regional and local levels. Representatives from the different EU institutions presented recent work – for example the Committee of the Regions’ consultation of local integration policies or the European Economic and Social Committee’s hearing on “integrating migrants in regions and cities”.

Workshop discussion led to calls for more local consultative platforms for official representatives and migrants, for a range of measures to promote positive messages about migration, and for principles of good policy design. The resounding conclusion was that integration is not only a ‘two-way’ but a ‘multiple-way’ process in which the quality of our democracies it at stake.
Tarafa Baghajati was an active EIF participant on behalf of the Platform for Intercultural Europe. He pointed out in particular that good integration policy is also a success factor of the EU2020 strategy, and that the challenge is to carry the work in the European Integration Forum to the national level.

Read the 5th EIF report.

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