5th European Forum - Collaborating in the Construction of Intercultural Europe: Education, Culture & Political Campaigning

10/11th June 2013,
Brussels, Belgium
- platform annual forum

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This event was very much an exercise in deliberative democracy. It tackled proposals, which had come out of PIE’s 2012 member consultation and fed directly into the discussion of PIE’s development plan at its General Assembly one day later. The first proposal was that PIE (predominantly active in the field of cultural policy so far) take up advocacy work in the field of education. Representatives from seven of PIE’s member organisations presented their views on opportune areas in the field of education policy to advance the intercultural society. Six discussion groups went into greater depth. There was consensus that the greatest challenges present in the formal education systems. Surprisingly though, not everybody was resigned to accept that formal education remains the sovereign area of Member States. Voices in favour of common European standards on access to and durations of formal education, for example, were heard. Many participants coincided in their concern about the lack of intercultural training of teachers. Opinions divided, however, on the questions whether a definition and certification of intercultural competences is desirable.

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The second topic discussed was the role of arts & culture in reaffirming cosmopolitan values in the face of xenophobic forces in Europe. Five representatives from PIE member organisations provided the inspiration for several small discussion groups. Art as an interdisciplinary tool, as a pathway for society in crisis and as means to connect positive narratives were in focus. A strong sense emerged that there are enough committed arts actors across Europe, which could band together to coordinate and scale up their activism.

Read the final report on the Forum written by Julie Ward of PIE member Jack Drum Arts.

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