4th European Forum - Participation and Citizenship: Can Cultural Institutions in Europe lead the way? Should they?

5/6th June 2012,
Espace Magh, rue du Poinçon 17, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
- platform annual forum

Tour Madou 6 June, general

Interculturalists from PIE’s membership and beyond met to discuss the changing role of cultural institutions. The authoritative and controlling role they have played as pillars of the nation state is giving way to institutions as ‘brokers of relationships’ in societies marked by diversity. Participants enjoyed a keynote on participatory museum practice by Jouetta van der Ploeg from city museum Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. A panel then reflected on the need for large cultural institutions to access the intercultural competence of small associations, on diverse staff recruitment as a prerequisite to serving diverse audiences, and on the necessity that public policy-makers consistently encourage and reward diversity strategies.

Participants in PIE’s working group on the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) presented a draft of the positions they are preparing for the second phase of the OMC work, which will deal with cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue from September. Vladimir Sucha, parting Director for Culture and Education at the European Commission, pointed out in his response that audience development and capacity building for institutions are key elements in the new EU cultural policy. He encouraged PIE in its work and affirmed “We want your ideas, your participation, your pressure.” He even suggested that PIE might itself take on an evaluating role in terms of institutional response to diversity and said it would be welcome it the Platform were able to help develop indicators.

How fitting this made the presentation which followed - on a joint project of the Platform with the Migration Policy Group on developing benchmarks for diversity policies within cultural institutions.

The Forum also continued the popular tradition of parallel roundtable presentations of Platform members’ intercultural projects. The Forum was followed by PIE’s Annual General Assembly of Members.

Read the Forum report.

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