3rd European Integration Forum - Migrants and the Media

24/25th June 2010,
Brussels, Belgium
- EIF forum

Organiser: European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee

EIF logoThe third meeting of the EU Integration Forum focused on the relationship between migrants and the media. The Forum allowed for consultative input of civil society to EU policy-making on the integration of immigrants. Both the challenges of training media professionals to communicate about migrants and of training migrants to communicate in the media were subject of discussion.

The Platform for Intercultural Europe was actively represented by its Steering Group member Tarafa Baghajati, who has a track record of raising the media profile of people with migration background in Austria and beyond. With his speaking contributions, he was also able to build on our workshop on migrants and the media during our Vienna Practice Exchange in November 2009.

Read the background paper to the Forum.
Read the input paper elaborated in advance by the participating European Civil Society organisations.
We would like to take our work on the topic ‘migrants and media’ further. If you have special expertise in this field, please write to dialogue@intercultural-europe.org 

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