3rd EU Culture Forum

20/21st October 2011,
Flagey Building, Brussels, Belgium
- EU culture forum

Organiser: European Commission

CT at 3rd Culture Forum - Oct. 2011 - Flagey   SF at the Culture Forum - Oct 2011 - Flagey

Logo European CommissionThis stakeholder conference explored how culture can be positioned in the context of the EU 2020 strategy of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Topics in the programme were: the potential of digitisation for audience-building and new business models; investment in culture to maximise its contribution to economic and social development at regional and local levels; and the promotion of cultural actors in EU external policy in order for them to catalyse civic empowerment and democratisation processes. A programme of four panels with a total of 28 speakers and of 13 integrated informations sessions was put on for near 900 registered participants.

Chris Torch, member of the Platform for Intercultural Europe’s Steering Group, brought the challenge of diversity and the need for intercultural skills into play on the topic "Which skills for culture in a globalised and digitised world?" The European Commission held out that the "cross-nurturing of difference" would be promoted by the "Creative Europe" 2014-2020 programme. Sabine Frank presented the expectations of the Platform for Intercultural Europe in the context of explaining its role in the EU-civil society Structured Dialogue: that the "Creative Europe" programme be dedicated to "promoting cultural diversity and intercultural engagement in Europe", and that the EU Council expert group on "access to culture" work in depth on the intercultural opening of public cultural institutions.

Browse the Platform's presentation. Read the joint statement of the three Structured Dialogue Platforms in Culture, and also the EC reply from DGEAC and EC reply from the Cabinet of the Commisioner to it.

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3rd European Culture Forum

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