3rd Culture in Motion Conference

15/16th February 2011,
Brussels, Belgium
- conference

Organiser: European Commission
Logo European CommissionThe conference's stakeholder meeting on 16th February 2011 in Brussels was dedicted to the question 'Do the objectives of the future EU Culture Programme need to be realigned to be more in balance with the current EU 2020 policy strategy?' The Platform for Intercultural Europe intervened to answer this question with regard to the objective 'intercultural dialogue'. Based on its research project  on 209 projects financed during 2008-9,  it put forward problematical findings and  recommended a better definition, better seletion criteria and a better evaluation methodology for intercultural dialogue.
The wider conference addressed the question: what is the added value of transnational cultural cooperation projects supported by the EU and what does European financing enable the cultural sector to achieve that would not have been possible otherwise? A sample of projects funded by the Culture Programme 2007-2013, by the Pilot Project for Artist Mobility and by other EU programmes (like the Lifelong Learning Programme, Citizenship Programme, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and European Regional Development Programme) showed how European funding is making a difference , and underlined the significant role of culture in enhancing smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
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