2nd OMC expert group meeting - Accessible and inclusive culture (Phase I)

14/15th June 2011,
Brussels, Belgium
- expert meeting

Organiser: European Council

Logo European CouncilThe Platform also followed the second meeting of the EU Council’s Expert Group on Accessible Culture and Intercultural Dialogue under the Open Method of Coordination (OMC). The national experts compared their answers to a survey conducted within the group. This had explored whether or how ‘access’, ‘participation’ and ‘public’ arts and cultural institutions are officially defined in Member States; whether there are declared goals to improve participation and build demand. Further questions were about target groups, the existence of statistics and indicators, and key initiatives. Twelve EU countries had taken part in the survey; eight responses made some reference to cultural policies addressing minorities or immigrants, but only Sweden and Ireland pointed out any national cultural institutions with comprehensive diversity policies.

Written by Sabine Frank on behalf of Platform for Intercultural Europe
July 2011

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