1st OMC expert group meeting - Accessible and inclusive culture (Phase I)

8th March 2011,
Brussels, Belgium
- expert meeting

Organiser: European Council

Logo European CouncilThe first meeting of the expert working group under the Open Method of Coordination set off to tackle the cultural access and participation of children, disabled people, the elderly, socio-economically disadvantaged people, etc. Probably only in 2012 will this group turn to the topics of intercultural dialogue and the cultural participation of migrants and ethnic minorities. Only then will the Platform for Intercultural Europe have a well-matched interlocutor in the EU Council.

The Platform for Intercultural Europe participated in this meeting. Its Secretary-General, Sabine Frank, invited the expert group to pick up work begun during the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 and to take into account preparations for a New EU Integration Agenda, which was due to include suggestions for the integration of migrants into cultural life. Given the background of the nominated experts, this did not meet with enthusiasm.

The experts left with the homework to gather information in their respective countries on how participation, wider access and target groups are defined in cultural policy, and what indicators are used and what statistics are gathered. They will also select 3-5 examples of good practice in widening access/improving participation in culture from their country. The work will progress under the chairmanship of Francois Marie from the French Ministry for Culture and Communication.

Written by Sabine Frank on behalf of Platform for Intercultural Europe
April 2011

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