Representing the experience, insights and needs of those civic actors who promote intercultural dialogue and action

Our primary avenue for fulfilling this need is the EU Structured Dialogue. The Platform for Intercultural Europe is recognized by the European Commission as a Structured Dialogue Platform in the field of cultural policy. It is also formally involved in Structured Dialogue through the EU Integration Forum.

Structured Dialogue means the officially endorsed involvement of civil society in EU policy processes. It involves ongoing discourse between EU policy-makers and civil society organisations and applies to many policy areas (youth, development cooperation…). Structured Dialogue is supposed to help create ‘stakeholder partnerships’.

Structured Dialogue is based on the EU’s commitment to participatory democracy as a fundamental democratic principle (article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty, January 2009). Structured Dialogue, i.e. dialogue with representative associations, is seen as a way to organise participatory democracy. Structured Dialogue in the field of culture policy was established by the “European agenda for culture in a globalising world” of December 2007.

In the Structured Dialogue, European NGOs assume an advisory function. They contribute knowledge of “good practice” and political perspectives for the long-term, which can come to the fore in crisis points of the political economy. The relationship of NGOs with EU institutions under Structured Dialogue is predominantly cooperative.

For details of our involvement in Structured Dialogue, please go to ‘Political role’.

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