PIE's Intercultural Practice Exchanges as a series

Intercultural Practice Exchanges are an activity format of the Platform for Intercultural Europe which is based on the policy paper it elaborated through public consultation in the course of 2007/8: “The Rainbow Paper. Intercultural Dialogue – from Practice to Policy and back”[1]. This document contains four chapters of recommendations, which the Platform for Intercultural Europe put forward at the end of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008. The Practice Exchanges are designed to address the issues of the Rainbow Paper’s chapter II on building capacity for intercultural dialogue in (civic) organisations. This chapter makes recommendations on reviewing staff compositions and governance structures, serving constituencies, growing intellectual resources and advancing through comparison in a European perspective.

A number of Practice Exchanges have already taken place, each with a specific issue at core, and each organised in collaboration with a local member of PIE:

Reports on these Practice Exchanges can be downloaded from their individual dedicated pages.

Basic Concept of Intercultural Practice Exchanges

The core topic of Practice Exchanges is the intercultural adaptation of civic organisations to growing population diversity, which is a result of migration and/or the existence of indigenous minorities. However, depending on local specificities, intercultural project work, especially if it is conceived as a contribution to systemic change, can also be the subject of Practice Exchanges.

Given the Platform for Intercultural Europe’s political role in the EU cultural policy domain, we are particularly interested in relevant practice in the cultural sector, but especially where collaborations with other sectors are evident.

The concept of Practice Exchanges recognises the urgent need to enable and facilitate dialogue about how different people and groups make sense of their experiences. This concept builds on the principle that intercultural dialogue is a democratic process that requires and enhances participants’ competences for democratic engagement. Furthermore, the Practice Exchanges reflect the obligations and aspirations of the European Union by valuing diversity and by seeking common solutions, which can be also adapted to local situations.


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