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ATTENTION: Since 2014 applications for membership of PIE are not possible anymore.

Why become a member?

The following benefits might motivate you to join us:

  • Networking: Meet with other players in Intercultural Dialogue – from other areas of Europe, from other domains of work. Exchange experience and develop collaboration ideas. Gather inspiration and take strength from being part of a movement. Benefit from physical and virtual encounters. Use the Platform’s Newsbulletin.
  • Political participation: Being part of a European association empowers you at all levels. You acquire European knowledge to lever local to national policy-making. You bring life to European policy-making with your first hand practical experience. Democracy is a complex game that requires patience, but what better way to persevere than with like-minded people? The more so that our Platform is assigned a formal political role in an EU process designed to propel national governments in the formulation of intercultural strategies.
  • Association building: As a member of our Platform, you have a democratic voice in determining its orientation, shaping its activities and sanctioning its operations. You can look at membership as a service contract – membership fee against benefits, but better still, you can also determine its course if you manage to convince the majority of members.

See also 'About the Platform'

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Who can become a member?

Full membership is open to local, regional, national, or international, not-for-profit European organisations, with legal status or without, who:

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Who can become a formal supporter?

A formal supporting status (associate membership) is open to organisations with a different profile than full members (e.g. profit-making) and to individuals. They need to fulfil the same criteria as members but do not have voting right in the General Members’ Assembly.

Withdrawing from membership

You can withdraw your membership by resigning in writing at least 3 month before the end of the current year of membership.

What does membership cost?

The membership fee was first agreed by the first General Assembly on 8th June 2009. It currently is EUR 150 for full member organisations and EUR 50 for supporters (individuals).

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