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PIE's board is elected by its General Assembly. Additional members can be co-opted. Board candidates are nominated by full PIE members. Board members are elected for a three-year term once renewable and hold their mandates in a personal capacity.

The criteria below are taken into account in assembling the group:

  • individuals representing organisations with a track record of trans-national cooperation in Europe or specific expertise in intercultural dialogue 
  • a balance between cultural and non-cultural organisations 
  • gender and age balance desirable
  • a clear case for supporting the Platform 
  • commitment to attend meetings or to provide prior input in case of inability to attend
  • working language English 
  • a willingness to (re)present the Platform

Current Board Members


Tsveta AndreevaTsveta Andreeva (European Culture Foundation - ECF)
Co-opted to PIE Board in 2013

Policy Officer at the European Cultural Foundation since 2009 in the Advocacy, Research and Development Department. In charge of advocacy, policy monitoring, cultural policy. Contact person and carrier of PIE’s values within the foundation. Her work on cultural diversity started around the negotiations of the 2005 UNESCO Diversity Convention, and continued with active involvement in the Convention’s implementation. Member of U40 Global network of young researchers on cultural diversity. Previously she worked for 8 years as Chief Expert and CCP in European affairs and international cultural policy at the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. Her tasks also included the implementation of the national project for the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue 2008. Until 2009 - contributor to the Compendium of cultural policies for Bulgaria. Tsveta holds a PhD in Cultural Economics at the University of National and World Economy – Sofia (2010) in economic contribution of cultural industries. She also holds an MA in Social & Cultural Management, a Diploma from the European Master in Management of Cultural Organisations (ESC-Dijon, France), and a PG Certificate in Contemporary European Studies (University of Birmingham, UK). Research interest in cultural policies, cultural and creative industries, UNESCO Diversity Convention. Author of publications in this area.

Angela Christofidou

 Angela Christofidou
(Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute)
Elected to PIE Board in 2012

Angela studied public relations, advertising and journalism with a psychology background. She is currently working as an Administrative Officer at the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute. She is an actress at the theatre company Istos (devised theatre). Publications: “The Missing Dinner Guest” (State Prize of Poetry 1989), “Zara, in the Shade of the Deer” (novel), “The Five Loaves” (theatre play broadcasted by CBC), “With Green Fingers” (poetry book), “The Alphabet of Silence” (children’s book). Translations from: Anton Chekhov, Marcel Proust, Arthur Rimbaud, Ezra Pound, Edmund Spenser, T.S. Elliot, Guillaume Apollinaire, Alfred De Musset, Bertolt Brecht, Harold Pinter, Heinz Uwe Haus. Member of Culture Action Europe. Member of the Dramatic Theatre Committee of the International Theatre Institute. Creator of the European project Thalia which proposes Drama in Primary Schools for Intercultural Integration. 


Rani KasapiRani Kasapi (Intercult - Sweden)
Elected to PIE Board in 2013

Rani is an experienced development manager within the arts, culture and social sector. Facilitating international and cross-sector relationships, she pushes arts and culture as important parameters for social development and sustainability. She develops international and intercultural strategies in order to meet future challenges of globalization and fast changing demographics/audiences. Focus is on increasing awareness on diversity and raising human rights and democracy high up on the agendas. After heading the international department at Riksteatern for 7 years she today offers consulting, strategy, organizational development and educational programs to institutions, NGO’s and to the public sector. Rani’s extensive network together with her experience and training in leadership and project management, academic background in social anthropology, international migration, ethnic relations, peace and conflict studies, enables her to operate across sectors. Rani was appointed expert in several commissions concerning cultural development on a national and international level. As a long time employee and board member of Intercult, she is now also part of the PIE board.


Guido Orlandini Guido Orlandini (The Intercultural Communication and Leadership School - ICLS - Italy)
Elected for a second term in 2013

The ICLS is assisting the emergence of intercultural communication and leadership, offers training in intercultural communication and leadership for young people and supports networks and new initiatives for peace and co-operation. Guido holds a Masters degree in Economic Development, and is Chartered Accountant and Certified Auditor with his independent accountant consultancy experience. Guido has also worked as administrator for the Council of Europe and as a manager of the language service at the International Fund of Agricultural Development (United Nations).


Niels Righolt Niels Righolt (Nordic Forum for Interculture, Danish Centre for Arts and Interculture)
Elected for a second term in 2013

Coordinator of the Nordic Forum for Interculture, which is a Nordic cooperation project and a network for the exchange and sharing of experiences, project development and culture-political discussion. NFI aims to create a profound understanding of what needs to be done in order to ensure cultural diversity from a political and instititutional perspective. Niels was director of the Dunker Culture Centre, Helsingborg, Sweden; he worked as a curator and producer for the memorial place Møstings Hus & Byggeriets Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark; and he was also Head of Information within the cultural department of the Frederiksberg Copenhagen municipality. Within the Platform for Intercultural Europe Niels wants to improve the mapping of the European experiences and possibilities in order to progress the further implementation into national and transnational initiatives and policies. 


Biruté SabatauskaitéBiruté Sabatauskaité
(European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights)
Elected to PIE Board in 2013

Birute holds a Master in International law. She is Director of the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR), ENAR Board member and trainer in human rights education.
As a member of the ENAR Board, she participated in implementing its narrative as well as actively taking over roles in the change management. In the LCHR she monitors hate crime, racism and discrimination in Lithuania, submits proposals to the government and contributes to ENAR’s shadow report. As a trainer in human rights education for adults and children, she led international seminars and trainings for people working in anti-discrimination making use of non-formal methods such as theatre, audiovisual material, creative text writing, street art, etc.
Previously, she promoted intercultural action in the International Falcon Movement (IFM-SEI) where she initiated motivation raising strategies and activities for Roma children in Lithuania.


Board in parc

Steering Group February 2011 - 3    Office  - 1

Former Board Members
and Advisers to the current Board :

Ahmed AhkimAhmed Ahkim
(Travellers and Roma Mediation Center in Wallonia - Belgium)

PIE Board Member June 2012 - March 2014


Tarafa Baghajati

Tarafa Baghajati
(European Network against Racism (ENAR) and Austrian Muslim Initiative)

PIE Board Member 2009-2013
Tarafa retains advisory status to the current board for 2013-2015


Eli Borchgrevink

Eli Borchgrevink (Transnational Arts Production - Norway)

PIE Board Member 2009-2013


Mercedes Esteban Villar

Mercedes Esteban Villar (European Foundation Society and Education and Educational and Social Studies - Spain)

PIE Board Member 2009-2013


Guillermo Ruiz Torres
(Centre for Politics, Culture and Research - Berlin)

PIE Board Member 2009-2013


Isabelle Schwarz Isabelle Schwarz (European Culture Foundation - ECF)

PIE Board Member 2009-2013


Chris Torch Chris Torch (Culture Action Europe and Intercult - Sweden)

PIE Board Member 2009-2013
Chris is the liaison person of Culture Action Europe (CAE) to the PIE Board for the period of his term on CAE's Board (2012-2015). The basis for this is the Strategic Partnership agreement between PIE and CAE.


Steering Group February 2011 - 2


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