Artistic Contributions

Cartoons - Oleg Dergachov:

Oleg is a gifted cartoonist, graphic artist, sculpturer and illustrator, born in Ukraine, living and working in Montreal. He is the prize winner of more than 70 highly recognised international competitions in graphic art, cartoon and sculpture. As part of his past carrier, he established in 1990 a publishing studio DO PRESS where he made more than 30 unique artist's books. Oleg has been a project leader of the International Showcase of Animation “Silver Fly” (2003-2005), the International Cartoon Symposium “Crazy and Funny Millenium” (2001-2002), and the International Cartoon Symposium “Witty and Crazy Millenium” (1999-2000. He has been a visiting lecturer in Italy, Slovak Republic, USA, currently teaching in Canada. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society (USA), the Editorial board of the International Journal of Comic Art, PA, USA; the Artist's Union of Ukraine and the California Printmaker's Society, USA.


Valery Klamm:

Valery is a photographer and photo-producer from Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia). He is the president of the Fototex Foundation. He undertakes regularly photographic expeditions, conducts exhibitions and master-classes for photographers and photojournalists in Siberia and internationally. Valery was formerly the Project Coordinator of the Arts and Culture Network Programme of the Soros Foundation for Novosibirsk. Currently, he is a member of the photo-agency OnAsia (Bangkok) and cooperates with the agencies PhotoXpress (Moscow).

Valery has numerous publications of his photo-texts in international journals. His photo-films have been shown at the Toronto Photography Festival, the conference Local Stories, (Norilsk) and the expert session "Management of Ethno-cultural projects" (Moscow). He regularly teaches the specialized course "Multimedia photo-stories" at the Faculty of Journalistic of the Novosibirsk State University.

Photos of theatre productions - Border Crossings

Border Crossings creates new intercultural, multi-media theatre in 
response to the contemporary globalized world.

  • Re-Orientations (2010): Tsunami survivors’ attempts to build a future. Lives collide across continents. Created in collaboration with partners from China, India, France and Sweden. Performed at London’s Soho Theatre in September 2010 and Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre in October 2010. Photography: Patrick Baldwin.
  • Bullie's House (2004): The story of Australian Aboriginals who expose their precious ranga - totems which hold the secrets of the world - to the eyes of white Australians, in the belief that the white world in return will exchange its own wisdom and its technology. Photography: Dave Ennis.


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