• Panorama is a collective work. The first phase (2008-9) was guided by Dr. Lidia Varbanova (Management Consultant, Lecturer & Researcher, Montreal).
  • The second Phase of content development was carried out by Lidia Varbanova and Dr. Uta Staiger (Deputy Director European Institute, University College London).
  • PIE staff has been developing the content subsequently.
  • Technical implementation: Pieter van Kemenade
  • Overall project responsibility: Sabine Frank, Platform for Intercultural Europe.


This Inventory of Resources wouldn’t be possible without the voluntary help and involvement of our friends and colleagues across Europe. Our special thanks and gratitude go to (in alphabetical order):

Alexandra Uzelac and Nada Svobodic-Dukis (CULTURELINK), Ana Bogdanic (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research), Angela Christofidou (Cyprus Centre of the ITI), Anne-Marie Autissier, Clelia Parvopassu and Elena

 Di Federico (Fitzcarraldo Foundation), Christopher Gordon, Cristina Farinha and Dea Vidovic (LabforCulture) …


Artistic contributions:

Cartoons: Oleg Dergachov:

Photos: Valery Klamm:

We invited our members to contribute visuals from their work. Read more about their artistic contributions here.

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