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May 2013



Commission President Barroso recently launched the project “New Narrative for Europe”. Artists and intellectuals are called upon to come up with a ‘new European story’ which addresses the “need for citizens to regain their trust in Europe”. Can the situation really be remedied with a ‘new story’?

It is certainly legitimate to appeal to national politicians and national media to speak well of the EU where it does well, and to acknowledge where it is complex because it deals with complex tasks. But does the ‘new story’ not also need new content? Concrete solutions to concrete problems?

Here some candidates for new content for a ‘new narrative’: Pioneering a new form of market economy which is built around cooperation and contribution to the common good rather than first and foremost around profit and competition; or developing exemplary ways of welcoming the diversity of the world and of innovating interculturally. These would need open-minded and courageous political leaders; then artists and intellectuals might have better reason to invest themselves in EU initiatives.

PIE gladly plays its part in promoting intercultural innovation. As a European network supported by the EU, it gladly spreads the cosmopolitan values of the European project.
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Sabine Frank,

5th PIE European Forum coming up! "Collaborating in the Construction of Intercultural Europe: Education, Culture & Political Campaigning" 

Brussels, 10/11th June 2013  

PIE logo

Interculturalists who enjoy a look across sectors will find this meeting made for them. PIE has a new opportunity to expand its EU advocacy into the field of education in the next phase of the Open Method of Coordination. We will explore if and how to take it up in a session on “Rethinking Education: Cultural Awareness and Intercultural Competence in the Grindstone of Learning for Competitiveness”.

A different urgency for PIE action arises from the growth of forces opposed to intercultural engagement. We will discuss how PIE members’ and friends’ work against intolerance and populism can be strengthened in a session on “Rescuing Cosmopolitan Europe. Arts & Culture In Cross-Sectoral Engagement Against Xenophobic Forces”.

A third edition of the popular PIE Members’ Roundtables will give insights in the wide spectrum of intercultural endeavours across Europe and strengthen their network. All discussions will inform the PIE General Members’ Assembly which follows the Forum. The Forum is also a contribution to the 2013 European Debates of PIE’s strategic partner Culture Action Europe.

The opening of registrations is imminent.

PIE 2012 Annual Report

Interested in the efforts and achievements of the Platform for Intercultural Europe in 2012? Besides reporting to our funders in the formats they require, we report - short and long and with illustrations - to our members and the interested public.  Find our 2012 Annual report on our website and here.

9th European Integration Forum
"The Integration of Migrant Youth in the EU"

Brussels, 4/5th June 2013

EIF logo

The 9th edition of this consultative civil society platform on EU migrant integration policy will turn to the topic of ‘migrant youth’ at a time when “an ‘arc of unemployment’ (stretches) from southern Europe through North Africa and the Middle East to South Asia, where the rich world’s recession meets the poor world’s youthquake” (The Economist). Accordingly, one roundtable at the Forum will tackle the topic “Improving access to the labour market for young migrants”. But wider integration aspects will be discussed in further roundtables on “Integration activities in schools” and “Young migrants in the public space (including digital media)”. PIE board member, Tarafa Baghajati, will once more contribute PIE perspectives to the debate.

Do you have experience with the topics? Can you point to relevant research or projects which could inform PIE participation? Then please write to

The European Integration Forum is growing its clout. The previous EIF (“Migrants’ contribution to economic growth”) was the first to issue a political statement – supported by PIE.

3rd OMC expert group meeting - report "Cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue" (Phase II)

Brussels, 18/19th March 2013

Logo European CouncilWith their March meeting, the national experts on cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue are over half way with their work in the framework of the Open Method of Coordination. Two more meetings and their achievements will have to be presented. What did the March meeting deliver? Invited speakers presented more examples of good diversity practice from cultural institutions in Poland, Italy, Belgium and the UK to inspire the deliberations. Chris Torch - on behalf of the Commission appointed European Expert Network on Culture - presented a template for the presentation of practice examples, for which Platform for Intercultural Europe had put forward the first draft. Chris Torch also introduced the group members to the idea of a matrix, which correlates practice examples to the involvement of public policy. Recommendations to policy-makers will be possible on this basis. In another part of the meeting, the national experts worked in four subgroups on ‘programming’, ‘staffing’, ‘reaching out to new publics’ and on ‘creating spaces of encounter’ in order to start elaborating the components of the expert group’s final report.

Read more on the presentations of the invited speakers. We examine how exactly they fit in the work of the OMC group.

"Panorama on Intercultural Dialogue"
PIE's on-line resource collection restructured and updated

Looking for orientation on diversity related issues? Panorama offers an overview of definitions of intercultural dialogue and related terms from many sources. It describes publications ranging from official documents, articles and viewpoints to books. It is an archive of descriptions of past projects and events - especially from and since the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue -, which demonstrates a history of intercultural efforts.

Panorama is now integrated into the PIE website for easier access by PIE’s constituency. New content has brought the collection up to around 640 items. Old content is overhauled. The collection has been re-structured, and carefully considered tags now make it eminently searchable.

Come and see the efforts of four months’ work. Use it or you might loose it – we’re watching the user statistics!

Go to:


News from our European Members

Our membership has grown by ten organisations since our annual meeting in June 2012. Members have the benefit of exchange amongst themselves through a PIE members’ Facebook group. 
To see who PIE's current members are or to become a member, please go to our membership page.

European Network Against Racism (ENAR) 

New publications on racism in Europe and migrants' hidden talents

Racism in EuropeRecycling Hatred video series  Hidden talents wasted talents

Logo ENARENAR has launched three new publications. ‘Recycling Hatred: Racism(s) in Europe Today’ explores how racism manifests itself and how we can counter racist attitudes and discourses. In parallel, ENAR launched a ‘Recycling Hatred’ video series. Our Shadow Report 2011-12 on Racism in Europe presents an overview of manifestations of racism in a range of areas and includes a focus on Muslim communities and Islamophobia. ‘Hidden Talents, Wasted Talents? The real cost of neglecting the positive contribution of migrants and ethnic minorities’ provides evidence that migrants do contribute to Europe and that many talents go unrecognised. 

Trans europe Halles (TEH)    

"Ens Toca! Reclaiming Public Space Through Culture" 13-15th June 2013 

Ens Toca

Logo TEH“Ens Toca! Reclaiming Public Space Through Culture” is a three days conference to be held in Ateneu Santboià near Barcelona (Spain). Through lectures, conferences and practical workshops, participants will reflect on how citizens can use public spaces as common goods. The stories of Ateneu Santboiá and other TEH Members deeply engaged in this process will be used as concrete examples to reflect on our ways to manage independent cultural centres and public space.

Deadline for registration: 30th of May - Read more and register on Ens Toca’s website
Contact: Anaïd Sayrin, Communications Manager -


News from our national Members

CGIL Roma e Lazio - Italy  

Meeting on the reality of immigration in Italy: "Il Tempo delle Scelte" (The Time for Choices) - 8th June 2013 - S. Giovanni, Rome 

Tempo delle Scelte 1  Tempo delle Scelte 2

CGIL logo

For the third consecutive year, CGIL Roma e Lazio and Arci di Roma organize a day of meetings, participation and reflection to keep the issues of interculturality, interaction and respect for human rights alive in, Rome, a city where the choices of the institutions do not favour a real inclusion of migrants.

The day is an opportunity for all citizens, to meet in the name of anti-racism. CGIL in Rome and Lazio ARCI reaffirm their commitment through this event to build a fairer, more welcoming and just society.

Contact: Maria Mora - -

Europahaus Burgenland - Austria  

The International Communities as a Work of Art - Dag Hammarskjölds Lifework in the Light of Social Sculpture.
Research project in cooperation with the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University (2012 - 2017).

Logo Europahaus BurgenlandDag Hammarskjöld (1905-1961) general secretary of the United Nations (1953-1961) was a civil servant, diplomat, writer, translator, mystic and above all, a finely tuned mind. We ask:

- in what sense can his work when connected to the field of Social Sculpture become productive for the ideas, the understanding and practises in the field of global citizenship and learning?
- in what sense is his emphasis on the role of culture, art and education and their interrelationship in the shaping of an international community relevant?

The research is both theory and practise based. The practical part will be sculptured within the framework of Europahaus Burgenland.

Contact: Hans Göttel - -

Associazione Culturale Fabbrica Europa - Italy  

U-CARE - Urban Culture Against Racism in Europe, Exchange seminar in Florence - 7/8th May 2013

Logo Fabbrica EuropaU-CAREManagers and trainers of 11 organisations in 8 countries meet on May 7-8 in Florence in the framework of the 20th edition of the Fabbrica Europa Festival, for the third exchange seminar of the U-CARE project funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme of the European Commission.

The aim is to enhance anti-racism and cultural diversity by developing a curriculum for  peer education combining an anti-discrimination approach with urban culture and media, involving 12 young talents in various artistic expressions (music, dance, media, visuals, comics...) in each country. -

International Centre for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (ICIRLD) - Armenia  

CAUCULT study visits to Austria and Lithuania - May 2013

Caucult 1  CAUCULT 2

Logo ICIRLDLogo CaucultThe CAUCULT Caucasus Cultural Initiatives Network project is organizing study visits to Austria and Lithuania for cultural actors from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The study visits will take place at the end of May and aim to foster exchange of good practices of community art projects and cultural policies between partner countries.

CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Caucasus. The project is funded by the European Union under the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme and aims to re-discover the cultural diversity in the region.

 CAUCULT Caucasus Cultural Initiatives Network
or - E-mail:

Jack Drum Arts - UK  

Music as a Means of Understanding the World - April 2013 / March 2015

Samba 8  Samba 14 

Logo Jack Drum Arts

“Sounds Around the World” is a new project that Jack Drum Arts will be running over the next two years for young people and their families in rural north east of England. Funded by Youth Music, the project will offer young people aged 8-18 access to a diverse range of musical activities. From Brazilian Samba to Asian Gamelan, European folk and African drumming, the project will open the door to a wider world. and -
(c) Photos Jamie Sproates

Young People Cooling Conflict in Derry, Northern Ireland - 1st-6th July 2013


Jack Drum Arts will be taking 6 young people to the INDRA Congress to meet and work with other young people from all around the world who want to share their ideas for peace and conflict resolution.  The INDRA Congress has been meeting for the past 4 years, developing a community of practice through creativity. This year’s gathering is part of Derry’s City of Culture celebrations and will include a range of workshops designed to explore INDRA issues e.g. composing and recording a song about peace, creating a sculpture and making a dance performance.  A symposium for professional theatre practitioners is also included in the programme. - &




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